Rule Chapter: 60L-34
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60L-34.001 Scope and Purpose (Repealed) 12/27/2015
Rule file 60L-34.002 General Agency Responsibilities 1/22/2002
Rule file 60L-34.003 Work Schedules 1/1/2002
Rule file 60L-34.0031 Regular Time and Overtime 11/5/2013
Rule file 60L-34.0032 Holidays 1/22/2002
Rule file 60L-34.004 General Requirements for Leave Earning, Approval, and Use 1/22/2002
Rule file 60L-34.0041 Annual Leave 12/21/2010
Rule file 60L-34.0042 Sick Leave 1/1/2002
Rule file 60L-34.0043 Regular Compensatory Leave 11/5/2013
Rule file 60L-34.0044 Special Compensatory Leave 11/5/2013
Rule file 60L-34.0051 Family Supportive Work Program 1/1/2002
Rule file 60L-34.0052 Leaves of Absence Without Pay 1/1/2002
Rule file 60L-34.0061 Disability Leave 1/22/2002
Rule file 60L-34.0062 Military Leave 1/1/2002
Rule file 60L-34.0071 Administrative Leave 10/26/2006
Rule file 60L-34.0072 Educational Leave With Pay 1/1/2002