Rule Chapter: 60L-32
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60L-32.0001 Definitions 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.001 Determining Salary upon Appointment 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.0011 Increases to Base Rate of Pay 4/3/2003
Rule file 60L-32.0012 Pay Additives and Incentive Pay 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.0013 Reduction in Pay 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.0014 Computation of Overtime. 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.002 Computation of Hourly Rate of Pay 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.003 Dual Employment and Dual Compensation 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.004 Perquisites 1/26/2014
Rule file 60L-32.005 Benefits (Repealed) 12/27/2015
Rule file 60L-32.006 Other Personal Services 1/6/2002
Rule file 60L-32.007 Selected Exempt Service Extraordinary Payment Plan (Repealed) 10/8/2012
Rule file 60L-32.0071 Selected Exempt Service Extraordinary Payment Plan 10/8/2012