Rule Chapter: 60H-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60H-6.003 Applicability (Repealed) 12/22/2015
Rule file 60H-6.005 Recording Presence 1/9/1996
Rule file 60H-6.007 Usage of Pool Buildings 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.009 Freedom of Speech (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.011 Responsibilities of Parties Using Pool Buildings 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.013 Placement of Exhibits, Posters, Signs, Displays (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.017 Preservation of Property (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.018 Disturbances (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.019 Damage to Pool Buildings and Grounds (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.020 Clean Up (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60H-6.022 Vendors Prohibited (Repealed) 3/2/2017