Rule Chapter: 60FF1-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60FF1-5.001 Requirements for Sworn Invoices and Cost Recovery Proposals Submitted by or on Behalf of Wireless Service Providers 12/3/2010
Rule file 60FF1-5.002 Rural County Grants 10/11/2021
Rule file 60FF1-5.003 911 Grant Programs 9/23/2021
Rule file 60FF1-5.0035 Florida 911 Reporting Forms 9/27/2021
Rule file 60FF1-5.004 Requirements for Fee Remittance Submitted by or on Behalf of Wireless and Non-Wireless Service Providers 11/3/2015
Rule file 60FF1-5.005 Emergency Grants 1/18/2015
Rule file 60FF1-5.006 Requirements for County Carry Forward Funds and Excess Funding 9/27/2021
Rule file 60FF1-5.007 Requirements for T1 and Primary Rate Interface Fee Remittance Submitted by or on Behalf of Non-wireless Service Providers (Repealed) 1/7/2013
Rule file 60FF1-5.008 Public Comment 1/26/2014
Rule file 60FF1-5.010 Fee Allocation 10/12/2021
Rule file 60FF1-5.011 Text to 911 5/27/2020
Rule file 60FF1-5.012 Training/Regional Planning Reimbursement 10/6/2019
Rule file 60FF1-5.013 Call Handling System Maintenance 2/10/2022