Rule Chapter: 60BB-8
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60BB-8.100 Definitions (Transferred) 5/24/2007
Rule file 60BB-8.200 Documenting Child Eligibility for the VPK Program (Transferred) 5/24/2007
Rule file 60BB-8.201 Child Registration Procedures; Application: Parent-Orientation Session (Transferred) 5/24/2007
Rule file 60BB-8.2015 VPK Child Registration Pilot Project (Transferred) 5/24/2007
Rule file 60BB-8.202 Child Eligibility Determination and Enrollment Procedures (Transferred) 5/24/2007
Rule file 60BB-8.204 Uniform Attendance Policy for Funding the VPK Program (Transferred) 9/14/2009
Rule file 60BB-8.205 Advance Payment and Reconciliation for the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program (Transferred) 9/14/2009
Rule file 60BB-8.210 Reenrollment for Good Cause and Extreme Hardship in the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program (Transferred) 12/21/2010
Rule file 60BB-8.300 Provider and Class Registration Procedures; Application; Eligibility Determination (Transferred) 12/21/2010
Rule file 60BB-8.301 Statewide Provider Agreement for the VPK Program (Transferred) 12/21/2010
Rule file 60BB-8.305 Recording and Certifying Child Attendance in the VPK Program (Transferred) 5/24/2007
Rule file 60BB-8.400 VPK Program Class Sizes; Blended Classes; Multi-Class Groups (Transferred) 5/24/2007
Rule file 60BB-8.410 Voluntary Prekindergarten Program Substitute Instructors (Transferred) 8/10/2009
Rule file 60BB-8.451 VPK Class Schedules (Repealed) 9/11/2011
Rule file 60BB-8.900 Obtaining VPK Forms (Transferred) 5/24/2007