Rule Chapter: 60BB-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60BB-7.001 Applicability (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-7.002 Review by the Commission (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-7.003 Record on Appeal (Transferred) 1/5/1993
Rule file 60BB-7.004 Briefs and Motions (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-7.005 Newly Discovered Evidence (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-7.006 Dismissals (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-7.007 Orders of the Commission (Transferred) 8/7/2001
Rule file 60BB-7.008 Filing Notice of Appeal (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-7.009 Record on Appeal to the Court (Transferred) 1/5/1993
Rule file 60BB-7.010 Duties of the Clerk; Preparation and Transmittal of Record (Transferred) 8/20/1986