Rule Chapter: 60BB-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60BB-5.001 Applicability (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.002 Persons Entitled to File Appeals (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.003 Form of Appeal (Transferred) 8/7/2001
Rule file 60BB-5.004 Place for Filing Appeal (Transferred) 8/7/2001
Rule file 60BB-5.005 Time for Filing Appeal (Transferred) 8/7/2001
Rule file 60BB-5.006 Computation of Time (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-5.007 Late Filing of Appeals (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-5.008 Appearances (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.009 Fees (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.010 Consolidation (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.011 Joinder of Parties (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.012 Disqualification of Appeals Referee (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.013 Substitution of Appeals Referee (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.014 Scheduling of Hearings (Transferred) 3/11/2012
Rule file 60BB-5.015 Notice of Hearing (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-5.016 Continuances (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.017 Nonappearance of Parties (Transferred) 3/1/1998
Rule file 60BB-5.018 Discovery (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.019 Subpoenas (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-5.020 Witness Fees (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.021 Investigation (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-5.022 Withdrawal (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.023 Independence of Appeals Referees; Ex Parte Communications Prohibited (Transferred) 5/22/1980
Rule file 60BB-5.024 Conduct of the Hearing (Transferred) 3/11/2012
Rule file 60BB-5.025 Decision (Transferred) 3/11/2012
Rule file 60BB-5.026 Post Decision Communications (Transferred) 8/20/1986
Rule file 60BB-5.027 Appeal to the Unemployment Appeals Commission (Transferred) 8/20/1986