Rule Chapter: 60A-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60A-1.001 Definitions 1/29/2017
Rule file 60A-1.002 Purchase of Commodities or Contractual Services 10/15/2006
Rule file 60A-1.005 Eligible Users (Repealed) 1/29/2017
Rule file 60A-1.006 Vendors and Contractors 10/15/2006
Rule file 60A-1.007 Standards and Specifications (Repealed) 1/20/2016
Rule file 60A-1.011 Identical Evaluations of Responses (Repealed) 2/6/2018
Rule file 60A-1.012 Purchasing Categories and Adjustments Thereto (Repealed) 2/2/2011
Rule file 60A-1.015 Insurance 1/29/2017
Rule file 60A-1.016 Contract and Purchase Order Requirements 1/29/2017
Rule file 60A-1.017 Acquisition of Commodities through Service Contracts 1/29/2017
Rule file 60A-1.021 Electronic Posting of Solicitations, Decisions or Intended Decisions 1/29/2017
Rule file 60A-1.025 Purchasing Agreements 8/1/2016
Rule file 60A-1.026 Interagency Planning and Cooperation (Repealed) 1/20/2016
Rule file 60A-1.030 MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Registration (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60A-1.031 MyFloridaMarketPlace Transaction Fee and Exceptions 3/2/2017
Rule file 60A-1.032 MyFloridaMarketPlace Transaction Fee Exceptions (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60A-1.033 MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Requirements 3/2/2017
Rule file 60A-1.041 Contract Manager and Negotiator Certifications 4/25/2017
Rule file 60A-1.042 Request for Information 4/14/2016
Rule file 60A-1.043 Request for Quotes 4/14/2016
Rule file 60A-1.044 State Term Contracts (Repealed) 1/11/2016
Rule file 60A-1.045 Alternative Purchasing Methods 3/2/2017
Rule file 60A-1.046 Emergency Purchases (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60A-1.047 Alternate Contract Sources of Commodities and Services (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60A-1.048 Renewal and Extension 4/14/2016
Rule file 60A-1.063 Present Value Methodology (Repealed) 10/24/2011