Rule Chapter: 5K-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5K-5.003 Tagging or Labeling Dressed (Ready-to-Cook) Poultry 12/23/1984
Rule file 5K-5.005 Advertising 12/23/1984
Rule file 5K-5.008 Records 12/23/1984
Rule file 5K-5.010 Florida Standards of Quality for Dressed Poultry and Ready-to-Cook Poultry - Whole, Cut-Up and Cut-Up Parts 12/23/1984
Rule file 5K-5.011 Florida Grades for Ready-to-Cook Poultry and Poultry Parts 12/2/1985
Rule file 5K-5.012 Game Birds 12/23/1984
Rule file 5K-5.014 Grading Services for Poultry 1/1/2020
Rule file 5K-5.436 USDA Poultry Product Grading 4/23/2020