Rule Chapter: 5J-17
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5J-17.001 Probable Cause Panel 5/11/2015
Rule file 5J-17.002 Attendance at Board Meetings 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.003 Applications for Licensure: Approved Schools and Colleges 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.004 Board Member Compensation 1/11/2010
Rule file 5J-17.005 Security and Monitoring Procedures for Licensure Examination (Repealed) 12/15/2014
Rule file 5J-17.006 Notice of Mailing Address and Places of Practice 1/11/2010
Rule file 5J-17.007 Exemption from Renewal Requirements for Spouses of Members of the Armed Forces of the United States 7/11/2019
Rule file 5J-17.010 Grounds for Discipline 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.011 Disciplinary Guidelines 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.012 Payment of Fine 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.013 Unauthorized Practice of Surveying and Mapping by or as Part of a Business Entity 1/11/2010
Rule file 5J-17.014 Reapplication by Persons Whose Licenses Have Been Revoked by the Board 1/11/2010
Rule file 5J-17.015 Statement Regarding Lack of Insurance 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.016 Time for Compliance With Final Order; Probation 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.020 Applications for Licensure: Experience 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.021 Applications for Licensure: Education 7/11/2019
Rule file 5J-17.022 Applications for Surveyor and Mapper Intern/Surveyor in Training 12/27/2022
Rule file 5J-17.025 Domestic Equivalency Education Program Criteria for Applicants Who Graduated from Non-ABET Accredited Surveying and Mapping Degree Programs (Repealed) 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.026 Foreign Degree Evaluation 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.027 Documentation of Substantially Equivalent Licensing Examination (Repealed) 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.028 Application for Retired Status 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.029 Application Deadlines 12/27/2022
Rule file 5J-17.030 Certification of Eligibility for Examination and Notification to Applicants 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.031 Written Examination Designated; General Requirements 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.032 Content of Examination 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.0321 Examination Administration 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.0322 Licensure Examination Format and Procedures for Candidates with Disabilities 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.033 Grading Criteria and Procedures (Repealed) 12/15/2014
Rule file 5J-17.034 Grading 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.035 Use of Pilot Test Items in Examinations 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.036 Grades Review Procedure 1/16/2023
Rule file 5J-17.037 Re-examination 12/27/2022
Rule file 5J-17.038 Guidelines for Sharing Department-Developed Examinations With Other States’ Licensing Authorities 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.0381 Translations 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.039 Licensure, Inactive Status, Delinquent Status, Reactivation 12/27/2022
Rule file 5J-17.040 Continuing Education Requirements for Reactivation of Inactive License 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.041 Continuing Education Credit for Biennial Renewal 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.042 Proof of Continuing Education Credit Earned 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.043 Board Approval of Continuing Education Providers 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.044 Obligations of Continuing Education Providers 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.045 Evaluations of Continuing Education Providers 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.046 Duration of Provider Status 1/11/2010
Rule file 5J-17.047 Approval of Continuing Education Courses (Repealed) 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.048 Reinstatement of Null and Void License 1/16/2023
Rule file 5J-17.050 Definitions 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.051 Standards of Practice - General Survey, MAP, and Report Content Requirements 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.052 Standards of Practice - Boundary Survey Requirements 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.053 Standards of Practice - Professional Matters in Surveying and Mapping 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.060 Seals Acceptable to the Board 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.061 Seal and Signature (Repealed) 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.062 Procedures for Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Surveys or Other Documents 7/15/2018
Rule file 5J-17.063 Certificates of Authorization 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.070 Fees 8/15/2019
Rule file 5J-17.071 Fee to Enforce Prohibition Against Unlicensed Activity 1/11/2010
Rule file 5J-17.080 Citations 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.081 Notices of Noncompliance 1/11/2010
Rule file 5J-17.082 Mediation 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.083 Probation 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.084 Surrender of Seal and Cancellation of Digital Signature 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.085 Survey Review 7/11/2019
Rule file 5J-17.086 Appointment to the Board 12/27/2022
Rule file 5J-17.102 Financial Integrity of the Board 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.200 Definitions 11/13/2017
Rule file 5J-17.203 Examinations for Licensure of Foreign-Trained Exiled Professionals 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.204 Graduation Documentation, Verification by Professional Association in Exile 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.206 Three Years Lawful Practice for Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.208 Pre-examination Continuing Education Program for Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.210 Fees for Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals 10/17/2012
Rule file 5J-17.400 Special Assessment Fee (Repealed) 11/13/2017