Rule Chapter: 5I-5
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5I-5.001 Purpose 3/8/1993
Rule file 5I-5.002 Definitions 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.003 Use of Plant A Tree Trust Fund Monies 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.004 Grant Application Process 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.005 Reviewing and Processing of Grants 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.006 Maintenance of Grant Award Projects 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.007 Prioritization of Grant Applications 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.008 Award of Grants 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.009 Execution of Agreements and Documents 4/17/1995
Rule file 5I-5.010 Review of Projects in Progress and Upon Completion 4/17/1995