Rule Chapter: 5H-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5H-1.001 Bond Required; Agricultural Products (Transferred) 1/11/2006
Rule file 5H-1.003 License Fee to Be Paid (Transferred) 1/11/2006
Rule file 5H-1.005 Security Requirements for Grain Dealers (Transferred) 2/2/1986
Rule file 5H-1.006 Definitions (Transferred) 8/15/2011
Rule file 5H-1.007 Content of Dealers Records (Transferred) 8/15/2011
Rule file 5H-1.008 Guidelines for Imposing Administrataive Penalties (Transferred) 8/15/2011
Rule file 5H-1.009 Documents Incorporated by Reference (Transferred) 8/15/2011