Rule Chapter: 5E-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5E-4.001 Sampling, Analysis and Tolerance Procedures 6/29/1962
Rule file 5E-4.002 Labels 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.003 Noxious Weed Seed 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.004 Worthless Seed 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.0041 Disposition of Seed Contaminated with Noxious Weed Seed 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.006 Seed Standards 1/28/2020
Rule file 5E-4.007 Commercial Tests and Consumer Request Samples 1/28/2020
Rule file 5E-4.0071 Consumer Request Samples (Repealed) 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.011 Flower Seed Germination Standards 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.013 Seed Aircraft Registration, Inspection, Security, Transactions, Recordkeeping, Area-of-Application Information and Forms 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.014 Seed Dealer Registration Fees 7/7/2019
Rule file 5E-4.016 Hemp Seed and Cultivars 1/28/2020