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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5E-1.001 Requirements for Liming Materials and Gypsum 2/9/2004
Rule file 5E-1.002 Registration and Labeling of Animal and Vegetable Manures, Composts, Soil Conditioners, Soil Amendments and Soil Additives 12/30/2015
Rule file 5E-1.003 Labels or Tags 1/8/2015
Rule file 5E-1.007 Pesticides in Fertilizer 8/3/1993
Rule file 5E-1.008 Low Analysis Fertilizer 10/25/1998
Rule file 5E-1.009 Sampling 10/25/1998
Rule file 5E-1.012 Reports and Inspection Fee Payment, Inspection Fees, Reporting, Continuous Bond, Certificate of Deposit Requirement 12/30/2015
Rule file 5E-1.014 Methods of Analyses 10/9/2003
Rule file 5E-1.016 Commercial Values for Penalty Assessments 6/5/2008
Rule file 5E-1.018 Probationary Status, Revocation of Registration and License (Repealed) 11/17/2013
Rule file 5E-1.019 Certified Net Weight 8/3/1993
Rule file 5E-1.0201 Substitute Labeling 10/25/1998
Rule file 5E-1.023 Procedures for Landowners and Leaseholders to Submit a Notice of Intent to Implement Nitrogen Best Management Practices (BMPs) 5/23/2010
Rule file 5E-1.024 Commercial Fertilizer Tests 2/24/2014
Rule file 5E-1.025 Fertilizer Aircraft Registration, Inspection, Security, Storage, Transactions, Recordkeeping, Area-of-Application Information and Forms 6/9/2002
Rule file 5E-1.026 Adulteration Levels for Metals in Fertilizers; Certificate of Analysis 2/25/2003
Rule file 5E-1.027 Investigational Allowances 10/27/2016
Rule file 5E-1.028 Matching Criteria 2/24/2014