Rule Chapter: 5B-52
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5B-52.001 Definitions 6/20/2000
Rule file 5B-52.002 Purpose 12/21/1987
Rule file 5B-52.003 Declaration of Boll Weevil as a Plant Pest 7/5/1995
Rule file 5B-52.006 Eradication Zone or Regulated Area 7/5/1995
Rule file 5B-52.007 Planting Cotton in the Eradication Zone and Required Participation 6/20/2000
Rule file 5B-52.008 Treatment of Cotton in the Eradication Zone 6/20/2000
Rule file 5B-52.009 Submission of Reporting Forms, Assessments and Penalties for Late Payment, and Cotton Destruction 6/20/2000
Rule file 5B-52.010 Cotton Stalk Destruction 6/20/2000
Rule file 5B-52.011 Movement of Regulated Articles 6/20/2000
Rule file 5B-52.012 Issuance of Boll Weevil Certificates and Compliance Agreements, Cancellations, and Attachments 6/20/2000