Rule Chapter: 59A-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59A-7.019 Application of Act - Exemption and Exclusions 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.020 Definitions 7/19/2017
Rule file 59A-7.021 Laboratory Licensure - Qualifications, Licensure, Operation and Application 6/16/2015
Rule file 59A-7.022 Laboratory Construction 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.023 Laboratory Safety and Sanitary Conditions 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.024 Clinical Laboratories, Collection Stations, Collection, Storage and Shipment of Specimens 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.025 Participation in Proficiency Testing 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.026 Approval of Proficiency Testing Programs 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.027 Proficiency Testing Programs by Specialty and Subspecialty 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.028 Patient Test Management 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.029 General Quality Control Requirements 2/27/2017
Rule file 59A-7.030 Quality Control - Specialties and Subspecialties 6/22/2006
Rule file 59A-7.031 Quality Assurance 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.032 Inspection of Laboratories 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.033 Acceptance of Accreditation Inspections 11/20/1994
Rule file 59A-7.034 Alternate-Site Testing 10/30/2011
Rule file 59A-7.035 Staffing Requirements 5/13/2012
Rule file 59A-7.036 Fees 3/25/2003
Rule file 59A-7.037 Rebates Prohibited - Penalties 12/27/1995
Rule file 59A-7.038 Administrative Hearings (Repealed) 2/20/2012
Rule file 59A-7.039 Administrative Enforcement (Repealed) 2/20/2012