Rule Chapter: 59A-16
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59A-16.101 Definitions 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.102 Governing Authority, Administration and Staffing 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.103 Participant Care Standards 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.104 Program Requirements 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.105 Basic Services 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.106 Supportive and Optional Services 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.107 Participant and Program Data, Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.108 Fiscal Standards 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.109 Physical Plant, Sanitary Conditions, Housekeeping Standards and Maintenance 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.110 Adult Day Care Center Staff Training Requirements 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-16.111 Specialized Alzheimer's Services Adult Day Care Center Training Requirements 7/1/2019