Rule Chapter: 59A-10
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59A-10.002 Definitions 8/2/2016
Rule file 59A-10.0055 Incident Reporting System 1/2/1997
Rule file 59A-10.0065 Fifteen Day Reports (Repealed) 11/28/2018
Rule file 59A-10.031 Purpose (Repealed) 5/14/2012
Rule file 59A-10.032 Definitions (Repealed) 12/4/2016
Rule file 59A-10.033 General Licensure Qualifications for Health Care Risk Managers (Repealed) 7/1/2018
Rule file 59A-10.034 Qualification by Completion of a Training Program (Repealed) 7/1/2018
Rule file 59A-10.035 Qualification by College Level Studies (Repealed) 7/1/2018
Rule file 59A-10.036 Qualification by Practical Experience (Repealed) 7/1/2018
Rule file 59A-10.037 Educational Programs (Repealed) 7/1/2018