Rule Chapter: 59A-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59A-4.103 Licensure, Administration and Fiscal Management 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.106 Facility Policies 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.107 Physician Services 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.1075 Medical Director 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.108 Nursing Services 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.1081 Personal Care Attendant Training Program Requirements 5/4/2022
Rule file 59A-4.109 Resident Assessment and Care Plan 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.110 Food and Nutrition Services 3/22/2023
Rule file 59A-4.112 Pharmacy Services 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.118 Medical Records 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.122 Physical Environment and Physical Maintenance 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.123 Risk Management and Quality Assurance 5/5/2002
Rule file 59A-4.126 Disaster Preparedness 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.1265 Emergency Environmental Control for Nursing Homes 3/26/2018
Rule file 59A-4.128 Evaluation of Nursing Homes and Licensure Status (Repealed) 11/15/2015
Rule file 59A-4.1288 Exception (Repealed) 11/15/2015
Rule file 59A-4.1295 Additional Standards for Homes That Admit Children 0 Through 20 Years of Age 12/4/2016
Rule file 59A-4.130 Fire Prevention, Fire Protection, and Life Safety, Systems Failure and External Emergency Communications 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.133 Physical Plant Codes and Standards for Nursing Homes 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.134 Plans Submission and Fee Requirements 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.150 Geriatric Outpatient Clinic 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.165 Nursing Home Guide 12/21/2015
Rule file 59A-4.166 Nursing Home Consumer Satisfaction Survey (Repealed) 5/15/2012
Rule file 59A-4.200 Gold Seal 10/16/2017
Rule file 59A-4.201 Gold Seal Award 4/18/2018
Rule file 59A-4.2015 Review Process 4/18/2018
Rule file 59A-4.202 Quality of Care 4/18/2018
Rule file 59A-4.203 Financial Requirements 4/18/2018
Rule file 59A-4.204 Turnover Ratio 4/18/2018
Rule file 59A-4.205 The State Long Term Care Ombudsman Council Review (Repealed) 12/31/2015
Rule file 59A-4.206 Termination and Frequency of Review 4/18/2018