Rule Chapter: 59A-37
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59A-37.001 Definitions 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.002 License Application, Renewal and Conditional Licenses 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.003 License Requirements 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.004 Admission Criteria and Procedures, Appropriateness of Placement, and Continued Residency Requirements 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.005 Residency Agreement 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.006 Standards and Practices for Care and Services 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.007 Staff Qualifications, Responsibilities and Training 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.008 Records 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.009 Physical Site Standards 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.010 Fire Safety Standards and Emergency Procedures 7/1/2019
Rule file 59A-37.011 Administrative Enforcement 7/1/2019