Rule Chapter: 59A-33
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59A-33.001 Definitions 8/28/2006
Rule file 59A-33.002 Licensure, Application Process, General Requirements 2/12/2015
Rule file 59A-33.003 Initial License Applications Applicability (Repealed) 5/16/2012
Rule file 59A-33.004 Renewal License Applications (Repealed) 5/16/2012
Rule file 59A-33.005 Change of Ownership License Applications (Repealed) 5/16/2012
Rule file 59A-33.006 Certificates of Exemption and Exempt Status 5/9/2019
Rule file 59A-33.007 AHCA Forms Availability, Information and Website (Repealed) 4/5/2015
Rule file 59A-33.008 Medical or Clinic Director 2/12/2015
Rule file 59A-33.009 Financial Instability 8/28/2006
Rule file 59A-33.010 Cessation of Business, Billing and Medical Records Retention, Suspended and Revoked Licenses (Repealed) 5/16/2012
Rule file 59A-33.011 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Exemption for Chief Financial Officer (Repealed) 5/16/2012
Rule file 59A-33.012 Inspection Requirements and Process 2/12/2015
Rule file 59A-33.013 Medical and Clinic Directorships Maximum Number of Clinics 8/28/2006