Rule Chapter: 59-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59-1.018 Uniform Rules of Procedure (Repealed) 11/22/2007
Rule file 59-1.024 Judicial Review (Repealed) 11/22/2007
Rule file 59-1.025 Dismissal of Administrative Complaint (Repealed) 11/22/2007
Rule file 59-1.031 Default Orders (Repealed) 11/22/2007
Rule file 59-1.038 Authority (Repealed) 8/8/2011
Rule file 59-1.039 Official Reporter (Repealed) 2/13/2014
Rule file 59-1.044 Access to Final Orders (Repealed) 2/13/2014
Rule file 59-1.045 Final Orders Required to Be Indexed (Repealed) 2/13/2014
Rule file 59-1.046 Listing of Final Orders (Repealed) 2/13/2014
Rule file 59-1.047 Numbering of Final Orders (Repealed) 2/13/2014
Rule file 59-1.052 Maintenance of Records (Repealed) 8/8/2011
Rule file 59-1.062 Procurement for Minority Business Enterprises (Repealed) 11/22/2007