Rule Chapter: 58T-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 58T-1.201 Purpose of Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Core Training Provider and Curriculum Approvals (Repealed) 11/29/2011
Rule file 58T-1.203 ALF Core Training Provider Qualifications (Transferred) 7/1/2019
Rule file 58T-1.205 ALF Minimum Core Training Curriculum Requirements (Transferred) 7/1/2019
Rule file 58T-1.207 ALF Core Training Provider Initial Registration Process (Transferred) 7/1/2019
Rule file 58T-1.209 Process for Maintaining ALF Core Training Provider Registration (Transferred) 7/1/2019
Rule file 58T-1.211 Registered ALF Core Training Provider Responsibilities (Transferred) 7/1/2019