Rule Chapter: 53ER17
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 53ER17-1 Game Number 1332, $10,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER (Replaced by 53ER19-63) 1/12/2017
Rule file 53ER17-2 Game Number 1333, $50,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 1/12/2017
Rule file 53ER17-3 Game Number 1334, $500,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER (Replaced by 53ER20-18) 1/12/2017
Rule file 53ER17-4 Game Number 1335, $2,000,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER (Replaced by 53ER20-18) 1/12/2017
Rule file 53ER17-5 Doubly Rich Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER17-65) 1/12/2017
Rule file 53ER17-6 Power Cruise™ Promotion (Replaced by 53ER18-29) 2/2/2017
Rule file 53ER17-7 CASH4LIFE® (Replaced by 53ER17-41) 2/17/2017
Rule file 53ER17-8 CASH4LIFE® Retailer Drawings (Replaced by 53ER17-32) 2/17/2017
Rule file 53ER17-9 Retailer CASH4LIFE® Bonus Commission Program (Replaced by 53ER20-17) 2/17/2017
Rule file 53ER17-10 Game Number 1336, HIT $5,000! (Replaced by 53ER19-29) 2/24/2017
Rule file 53ER17-11 Game Number 1337, MONEY BAG MULTIPLIER (Replaced by 53ER19-29) 2/24/2017
Rule file 53ER17-12 Game Number 1338, CASH RESERVE 2/24/2017
Rule file 53ER17-13 Game Number 1339, $10,000,000 WORLD CLASS CASH (Replaced by 53ER19-10) 2/24/2017
Rule file 53ER17-14 Game Number 1340, LOTERIA™ (Replaced by 53ER20-18) 3/15/2017
Rule file 53ER17-15 Game Number 1341, LOTERIA™ GRANDE 3/15/2017
Rule file 53ER17-16 Game Number 5012, WHEEL OF FORTUNE® (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 3/30/2017
Rule file 53ER17-17 PICK 2™ (Replaces 53ER16-35) (Replaced by 53ER18-35) 4/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-18 PICK 3™ (Replaces 53ER16-36) (Replaced by 53ER18-36) 4/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-19 PICK 4™ (Replaces 53ER16-37) (Replaced by 53ER18-37) 4/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-20 PICK 5™ (Replaces 53ER16-38) (Replaced by 53ER18-38) 4/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-21 Game Number 1342, CASH ON THE SPOT (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 4/7/2017
Rule file 53ER17-22 Game Number 1343, $30 GRAND (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 4/7/2017
Rule file 53ER17-23 Game Number 1349, TOPAZ 10’s 4/7/2017
Rule file 53ER17-24 Spring 2017 GROUPER® Promotion (Replaced by 53ER17-45) 4/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-25 GROUPER® Retailer Sales and Triple Sales Commission (Replaced by 53ER17-65) 4/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-26 Retailer Scratch-Off Ticket Bonus Commission Program 4/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-27 GAME NUMBER 1344, LUCKY 7's CROSSWORD (Replaced by 53ER19-63) 5/18/2017
Rule file 53ER17-28 Game Number 1347, TRIPLE 777 (Replaced by 53ER19-10) 5/18/2017
Rule file 53ER17-29 Game Number 1348, BONUS DOUBLE MATCH (Replaced by 53ER19-63) 5/18/2017
Rule file 53ER17-30 Game Number 1354, VERY CHERRY (Replaced by 53ER19-63) 5/18/2017
Rule file 53ER17-31 BONUS DOUBLE MATCH Retailer Double Sales Commission (Replaced by 53ER17-65) 5/25/2017
Rule file 53ER17-32 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaces 53ER11-25, 53ER13-5, 53ER13-40, 53ER13-82, 53ER14-9, 53ER14-14, 53ER14-35, 53ER15-23, 53ER15-40, 53ER15-49, 53ER15-52, 53ER15-59, 53ER15-60, 53ER15-62, 53ER15-67, 53ER15-70, 53ER16-9, 53ER16-21, 53ER16-34, 53ER16-49, 53ER16-53, 53ER16-61, 53ER16-62, 53ER16-67, 53ER17-8) (Replaced by 53ER17-65) 6/12/2017
Rule file 53ER17-33 Game Number 1350, $500 A WEEK FOR LIFE (Replaced by 53ER19-29) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-34 Game Number 1351, $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE (Replaced by 53ER20-18) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-35 Game Number 1352, $2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE (Replaced by Replaced 53ER19-10) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-36 Game Number 1353, $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE (Replaced by 53ER19-29) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-37 WEEK FOR LIFE Retailer Book Activation Promotion (Replaced by 53ER17-65) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-38 Cash Supply Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER17-78) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-39 FLORIDA LOTTO® (Replaces 53ER14-18) (Replaced by 53ER17-71) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-40 End of Fiscal Year Retailer Bonus Sales Commission (Replaced by 53ER17-65) 6/27/2017
Rule file 53ER17-41 CASH4LIFE® (Replaced by 53ER19-46) 7/1/2017
Rule file 53ER17-42 Retailer Application and Fee Schedule (Replaced by 53ER19-20) 7/28/2017
Rule file 53ER17-43 Retailer Applicant Background Investigation (Replaced by 53ER19-21) 7/28/2017
Rule file 53ER17-44 Change in Retailer Condition or Retailer Ownership (Replaced by 53ER19-23) 7/28/2017
Rule file 53ER17-45 GROUPER® 8/1/2017
Rule file 53ER17-46 Game Number 1355, 2's FOR THE MONEY (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 8/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-47 Game Number 1356, ACES AND 8's (Replaced by 53ER19-10) 8/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-48 Game Number 1357, CA$H PAYOUT 8/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-49 Game Number 1358, FULL OF $500's (Replaced by 53ER19-29) 8/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-50 Game Number 1359, $2,000,000 CASHWORD (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 8/3/2017
Rule file 53ER17-51 CORNHOLE CASH™ (Replaced by 53ER18-29) 9/1/2017
Rule file 53ER17-52 Fast Play CORNHOLE CASH™ Retailer Drawings (Replaced by 53ER17-78) 8/31/2017
Rule file 53ER17-53 GameDay Cash Promotion (Replaced by 53ER19-63) 8/31/2017
Rule file 53ER17-54 Payment of Prizes (Replaced by 53ER20-54) 9/1/2017
Rule file 53ER17-55 Retailer Accountability (Replaced by 53ER19-24) 9/1/2017
Rule file 53ER17-56 Sale of Lottery Tickets (Replaced by 53ER20-53) 9/1/2017
Rule file 53ER17-57 Confidential Information (Repealed) 9/1/2017
Rule file 53ER17-58 Game Number 1360, TRIPLE WIN (Replaced by 53ER20-18) 9/14/2017
Rule file 53ER17-59 Game Number 1361, MONEY ROLL 9/14/2017
Rule file 53ER17-60 Game Number 1363, BANKROLL BINGO 9/14/2017
Rule file 53ER17-61 Game Number 1364, LUCKY 13 9/14/2017
Rule file 53ER17-62 Game Number 1362, $10,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 9/14/2017
Rule file 53ER17-63 Waiver of Service Charges, Fees and/or Penalties for Retailers - Hurricane Irma (Replaced by 53ER17-78) 9/14/2017
Rule file 53ER17-64 GameDay Cash Promotion Winner Notification Correction (Replaced by 53ER19-63) 9/22/2017
Rule file 53ER17-65 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaced by 53ER17-78) 10/19/2017
Rule file 53ER17-66 Game Number 1365, HOLIDAY CASH (Replaced by 53ER19-10) 10/19/2017
Rule file 53ER17-67 Game Number 1366, HOLIDAY CASH (Replaced by 53ER19-10) 10/19/2017
Rule file 53ER17-68 Game Number 1367, HOLIDAY CASH (Replaced by 53ER19-10) 10/19/2017
Rule file 53ER17-69 Game Number 1368, HOLIDAY CASH (Replaced by 53ER18-52) 10/19/2017
Rule file 53ER17-70 MEGA MILLIONS® (Replaced by 53ER18-51) 10/28/2017
Rule file 53ER17-71 FLORIDA LOTTO® (Replaces 53ER17-39) (Replaced by 53ER18-1) 10/28/2017
Rule file 53ER17-72 POWERBALL® (Replaced by 53ER18-50) 10/28/2017
Rule file 53ER17-73 POWERBALL® Instant Win Promotion (Replaced by 53ER18-29) 11/9/2017
Rule file 53ER17-74 Game Number 1369, SILVER DOLLAR (Replaced by 53ER19-63) 11/30/2017
Rule file 53ER17-75 Game Number 1370, 2018 NEW YEAR'S BUCKS (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 11/30/2017
Rule file 53ER17-76 Game Number 1371, SCRABBLE™ 11/30/2017
Rule file 53ER17-77 Game Number 7017, PAC-MAN® (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 11/30/2017
Rule file 53ER17-78 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaces 53ER13-22, 53ER13-52, 53ER13-81, 53ER14-3, 53ER15-12, 53ER15-29, 53ER15-35, 53ER15-39, 53ER15-55, 53ER16-7, 53ER16-11, 53ER16-19, 53ER16-26, 53ER16-42, 53ER16-43, 53ER16-60, 53ER16-64, 53ER17-38, 53ER17-52, 53ER17-63, 53ER17-65) (Replaced by 53ER18-29) 12/28/2017
Rule file 53ER17-79 Retailer MEGA MILLIONS® Bonus Commission Program (Replaced by 53ER20-38) 12/28/2017