Rule Chapter: 53ER02
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 53ER02-1 Instant Game Number 412, POT O' GOLD (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 1/11/2002
Rule file 53ER02-2 Instant Game Number 413, "SUPER WILD 7'S BINGO" (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 1/11/2002
Rule file 53ER02-3 Instant Game Number 423, Play FLA USA(tm) (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 1/18/2002
Rule file 53ER02-4 Play FLA USA(tm) Retailer Double Commission Promotion (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 1/18/2002
Rule file 53ER02-5 On-Line Retailer Responsibilities (Replaces 53ER01-57) (Replaced by 53ER05-13) 1/25/2002
Rule file 53ER02-6 Instant Game Number 398, SHOPPING SPREE (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 2/1/2002
Rule file 53ER02-7 Instant Game Number 427, SUPER MONOPOLY(r) GAME (Replaced by 53ER11-41) 2/1/2002
Rule file 53ER02-8 Instant Game Number 411, 24K (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 2/15/2002
Rule file 53ER02-9 Instant Game Number 416, BANKROLL (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 2/15/2002
Rule file 53ER02-10 Instant Game Number 436, HARLEY-DAVIDSON(r) (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 2/26/2002
Rule file 53ER02-11 Instant Game Number 418, ROYAL 7'S (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 2/26/2002
Rule file 53ER02-12 Procedures for Awarding Prizes (Replaces 53ER98-16) (Replaced by 53ER02-61) 2/26/2002
Rule file 53ER02-13 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaces 53ER00-39, 53ER00-45, 53ER00-52, 53ER01-1, 53ER01-2, 53ER01-6, 53ER01-7, 53ER01-8, 53ER01-9, 53ER01-10, 53ER01-11, 53ER01-14, 53ER01-16, 53ER01-19, 53ER01-30, 53ER01-32, 53ER01-33, 53ER01-34, 53ER01-38, 53ER01-44, 53ER01-46, 53ER01-47, 53ER01-50, 53ER01-58, 53ER01-66) (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 4/3/2002
Rule file 53ER02-14 Instant Game Number 417, ONE-EYED JACK (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 3/15/2002
Rule file 53ER02-15 Instant Game Number 424, IN THE CHIPS (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 3/15/2002
Rule file 53ER02-16 Retailer FLORIDA LOTTO(tm) Bonus Commission Program (Replaced by 53ER06-6) 3/25/2002
Rule file 53ER02-17 Instant Game Number 420, MONTHLY BONUS (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 3/28/2002
Rule file 53ER02-18 Instant Game Number 421, MONTE CARLO (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 3/28/2002
Rule file 53ER02-19 Instant Game Number 414, CASINO NIGHTS (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 4/12/2002
Rule file 53ER02-20 Instant Game Number 422, FAST SPRINGTIME CASH (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 4/12/2002
Rule file 53ER02-21 Instant Game Number 426, LET FREEDOM RING (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 5/2/2002
Rule file 53ER02-22 Instant Game Number 433, SOLID GOLD (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 5/2/2002
Rule file 53ER02-23 Retailer Compensation (Replaces 53ER01-67) (Replaced by 53ER05-14) 4/19/2002
Rule file 53ER02-24 Play FLA USA(tm) Retailer Bonus Commission Promotion (Replaced by 53ER02-25) 4/19/2002
Rule file 53ER02-25 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rule (Replaces 53ER02-24) (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 4/25/2002
Rule file 53ER02-26 Designation of Hearing Officer in Bid Protest 5/2/2002
Rule file 53ER02-27 Instant Game Number 428, "EX BINGO" (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 5/17/2002
Rule file 53ER02-28 Instant Game Number 419, LUCKY ROLL (Replaced by 53ER03-17) 5/17/2002
Rule file 53ER02-29 Instant Game Number 488, MONOPOLY(r) GAME (Replaced by 53ER09-71) 5/30/2002
Rule file 53ER02-30 Instant Game Number 435, UNIVERSAL RULES (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 5/31/2002
Rule file 53ER02-31 Instant Game Number 430, RED HOT MONEY (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 5/31/2002
Rule file 53ER02-32 Instant Game Number 431, ROYAL RICHES (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 6/14/2002
Rule file 53ER02-33 UNIVERSAL RULES Retailer Promotion Contest (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 6/12/2002
Rule file 53ER02-34 Instant Game Number 432, CRAZY 8'S (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 6/14/2002
Rule file 53ER02-35 Instant Game Number 434, GOLD FEVER (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 6/28/2002
Rule file 53ER02-36 Instant Game Number 438, SUPER 7'S (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 6/28/2002
Rule file 53ER02-37 Instant Game Number 429, HIGH-LOW (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 7/12/2002
Rule file 53ER02-38 Instant Game Number 439, FAST 5'S (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 7/12/2002
Rule file 53ER02-39 Instant Game Number 437, HIT $50! (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 8/2/2002
Rule file 53ER02-40 Instant Game Number 440, POCKET CASH (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 8/2/2002
Rule file 53ER02-41 Lost, Stolen or Damaged Instant Lottery Tickets (Replaces 53ER94-22, 53ER94-23) (Replaced by 53ER05-19) 7/19/2002
Rule file 53ER02-42 Instant Game Number 444, CASH BONANZA (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 8/9/2002
Rule file 53ER02-43 Instant Game Number 441, TOUCHDOWN DOLLARS (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 8/9/2002
Rule file 53ER02-44 Instant Game Number 452, "GOLDEN BINGO" (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 8/16/2002
Rule file 53ER02-45 Procurement of Commodities and Contractual Services (Replaces 53ER01-27) (Replaced by 53ER07-55) 8/9/2002
Rule file 53ER02-46 Instant Game Number 442, BLACK JACK (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 8/29/2002
Rule file 53ER02-47 Instant Game Number 449, WILD, WILD WINNINGS (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 8/29/2002
Rule file 53ER02-48 Instant Game Number 446, TRIPLE 7'S (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 9/13/2002
Rule file 53ER02-49 Instant Game Number 445, 4 OF A KIND (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 9/13/2002
Rule file 53ER02-50 Instant Game Number 447, GOLD NUGGET (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 9/13/2002
Rule file 53ER02-51 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaces 53ER00-51, 53ER01-13, 53ER01-22, 53ER01-24, 53ER01-29, 53ER01-37, 53ER01-40, 53ER01-41, 53ER01-42, 53ER01-43, 53ER01-45, 53ER01-54, 53ER01-59, 53ER01-63, 53ER01-64, 53ER01-72, 53ER01-80, 53ER01-81, 53ER01-82, 53ER01-83, 53ER01-84) (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 9/13/2002
Rule file 53ER02-52 Instant Game Number 450, MONTE CARLO (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 9/27/2002
Rule file 53ER02-53 Instant Game Number 443, BANK VAULT (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 9/27/2002
Rule file 53ER02-54 Instant Game Number 451, "HOLIDAY BINGO" (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 10/11/2002
Rule file 53ER02-55 Instant Game Number 460, HIGH ROLLER (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 10/11/2002
Rule file 53ER02-56 Instant Game Number 455, HOLIDAY TREASURES (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 10/30/2002
Rule file 53ER02-57 Instant Game Number 456, HOLIDAY CASH (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 10/30/2002
Rule file 53ER02-58 Instant Game Number 457, HOLIDAY BUCKS (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 10/30/2002
Rule file 53ER02-59 Instant Game Number 459, FAST NEW YEAR'S CASH (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 11/15/2002
Rule file 53ER02-60 Instant Game Number 448, WEEKLY BONUS (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 11/27/2002
Rule file 53ER02-61 Procedures for Awarding Prizes (Replaces 53ER02-12) (Replaced by 53ER03-46) 11/15/2002
Rule file 53ER02-62 Payment of Prizes by Retailers (Replaces 53ER01-51) (Replaced by 53ER03-30) 11/18/2002
Rule file 53ER02-63 Instant Game Number 454, HIT $500! (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 11/27/2002
Rule file 53ER02-64 Retailer Football Bowl Incentive Promotion (Replaced by 53ER03-59) 12/2/2002
Rule file 53ER02-65 Corporate Account Sales Incentive Program (Replaced by 53ER02-68) 12/9/2002
Rule file 53ER02-66 Instant Game Number 458, "SUPER 7'S BINGO" (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 12/16/2002
Rule file 53ER02-67 Instant Game Number 461, ACES HIGH (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 12/13/2002
Rule file 53ER02-68 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rule (Replaces 53ER02-65) (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 12/16/2002