Rule Chapter: 40A-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40A-3.011 Policy and Purpose 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.021 Definitions 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.037 Water Well Contractor Licensing 5/20/2020
Rule file 40A-3.038 Violations of Licensing Requirements (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40A-3.041 Permits Required 5/20/2020
Rule file 40A-3.051 Exemptions 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.201 Permit Application Fees 11/1/1993
Rule file 40A-3.301 Conditions for Issuance of Permits 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.321 Duration of Permits 11/1/1995
Rule file 40A-3.341 Disapproval of Wells 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.342 Permit Denial 7/1/1998
Rule file 40A-3.411 Completion Reports 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.451 Emergency Authorization 5/20/2020
Rule file 40A-3.461 Inspections 3/2/2000
Rule file 40A-3.492 Violations of Permits 11/1/1995
Rule file 40A-3.502 Construction Methods 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.504 Location 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.507 Casing and Liner Pipe Standards 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.512 Standard Well Construction Methods 11/1/1992
Rule file 40A-3.517 Grouting and Sealing 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.521 Well Seals 1/9/1986
Rule file 40A-3.525 Explosives 4/5/1988
Rule file 40A-3.529 Flowing Wells 1/9/1986
Rule file 40A-3.531 Abandoned Well Plugging 8/1/1989
Rule file 40A-3.550 Violations of Construction Standards 11/1/1992
Rule file 40A-3.901 Forms and Instructions 8/15/2018
Rule file 40A-3.951 Introduction 11/1/1993
Rule file 40A-3.952 Violations 8/1/1989
Rule file 40A-3.980 Enforcement and Penalties 8/1/1989