Rule Chapter: 40E-41
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40E-41.011 Policy and Purpose 10/1/2013
Rule file 40E-41.020 Scope of Part I 4/11/1985
Rule file 40E-41.023 Western Canal 9 Basin Boundary 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-41.033 Implementation (Repealed) 11/5/2015
Rule file 40E-41.043 Application of Part I 10/1/2013
Rule file 40E-41.053 Exemptions 10/1/2013
Rule file 40E-41.063 Conditions for Issuance of Permits in the Western Canal 9 Basin 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-41.091 Publications, Rules and Interagency Agreements Incorporated by Reference (Repealed) 11/5/2015
Rule file 40E-41.120 Scope of Part II 5/1/1985
Rule file 40E-41.121 Definitions 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-41.123 Kissimmee River Basin Boundary 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-41.133 Implementation (Repealed) 11/5/2015
Rule file 40E-41.143 Application of Part II 10/1/2013
Rule file 40E-41.160 Content of Application 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-41.163 Conditions for Issuance of Surface Water Management Permits in the Kissimmee River Basin 5/1/1985
Rule file 40E-41.165 Conditions for Issuance of Right of Way Permits in the Kissimmee River Basin 5/1/1985
Rule file 40E-41.220 Scope and Policy of Part III 5/13/1987
Rule file 40E-41.221 Definitions 11/11/2015
Rule file 40E-41.223 C-51 Basin Boundary 5/15/1987
Rule file 40E-41.233 Implementation (Repealed) 11/5/2015
Rule file 40E-41.243 Application of Part III 10/1/2013
Rule file 40E-41.260 Content of Application 10/1/2013
Rule file 40E-41.263 Conditions for Issuance of Permits in the C-51 Basin 11/11/2015
Rule file 40E-41.265 Conditions for Issuance of Right-of-Way Permits in the C-51 Basin 12/1/2011
Rule file 40E-41.320 Scope, Policy, and Implementation of Part IV 10/21/2001
Rule file 40E-41.321 Definitions 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-41.323 Water Preserve Area & Water Preserve Area Basin Boundaries 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-41.333 Implementation (Repealed) 11/5/2015
Rule file 40E-41.343 Application of Part IV 10/1/2013
Rule file 40E-41.360 Permit Thresholds 10/21/2001
Rule file 40E-41.363 Conditions for Issuance of Permits in the Water Preserve Area, Water Preserve Area Basin, or Adjacent to the Protective Levees 8/7/2016