Rule Chapter: 33-208
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 33-208.001 Personnel - General 7/19/2012
Rule file 33-208.002 Rules of Conduct 6/3/2021
Rule file 33-208.003 Range of Disciplinary Actions 2/22/2016
Rule file 33-208.004 Employment of Relatives 4/23/2020
Rule file 33-208.101 Employee Grooming, Uniform and Clothing Requirements 8/2/2020
Rule file 33-208.201 Relief Factor for Staffing Security Posts (Transferred) 6/19/1990
Rule file 33-208.301 Employment Gender Policy for Security Positions (Transferred) 12/20/1992
Rule file 33-208.401 Personal Vehicle Damage Reimbursement Claims (Transferred) 2/8/2007
Rule file 33-208.402 Professional License, Certification and Registration Requirements 3/23/1999
Rule file 33-208.403 Random Drug Testing of Employees 2/13/2012
Rule file 33-208.501 Staff Housing - Definitions (Transferred) 3/30/2005
Rule file 33-208.502 Staff Housing - Intent (Transferred) 9/1/1988
Rule file 33-208.503 Staff Housing - Administrative Responsibilities (Transferred) 3/30/2005
Rule file 33-208.504 Criteria for Assignment to Staff Housing (Transferred) 4/20/2010
Rule file 33-208.505 Staff Housing - Rent and Utilities (Transferred) 4/8/2002
Rule file 33-208.506 Staff Housing Agreement Form (Transferred) 10/29/2008
Rule file 33-208.507 Responsibilities of Staff Housing Occupants (Transferred) 3/19/2009
Rule file 33-208.508 Staff Housing Inspections (Transferred) 1/19/2003
Rule file 33-208.509 Staff Housing - Repairs and Replacements (Transferred) 3/30/2005
Rule file 33-208.510 Termination of Staff Housing Assignment (Transferred) 3/30/2005