Rule Chapter: 2B-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 2B-1.002 Definitions (Repealed) 6/2/2013
Rule file 2B-1.0025 Complaints 8/22/2017
Rule file 2B-1.0027 Subpoenas and Orders of Probable Cause 6/2/2013
Rule file 2B-1.003 Minor Violations 3/9/2022
Rule file 2B-1.004 Hearings Before the Commission 8/13/2014
Rule file 2B-1.0041 Expedited Hearings 8/22/2017
Rule file 2B-1.0045 Award of Attorney's Fees 3/4/2015
Rule file 2B-1.005 Appeal of Fines Imposed by Filing Officers 6/2/2013
Rule file 2B-1.0052 Fine Imposed; Timely Filed Reports (Repealed) 6/2/2013
Rule file 2B-1.0055 Late-filed Reports; Unusual Circumstances 6/2/2013
Rule file 2B-1.006 Appeal of Adverse Decision for Contributions from Election Campaign Financing Trust Fund (Repealed) 1/1/2014
Rule file 2B-1.007 Appeal of Fine by Members of County Canvassing Board (Repealed) 6/2/2013
Rule file 2B-1.008 Public Comment 8/13/2014
Rule file 2B-1.009 Forms 8/22/2017