Rule Chapter: 29F-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 29F-1.101 Organization 11/7/2018
Rule file 29F-1.102 Purpose 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.103 Definitions 3/20/2007
Rule file 29F-1.104 Membership 5/1/1999
Rule file 29F-1.105 Council 9/14/1999
Rule file 29F-1.106 Council Meeting Agenda 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.107 Finances 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.108 Officers, Term of Office and Duties 11/7/2018
Rule file 29F-1.109 Vacancies 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.110 Removal from Office 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.111 Committees 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.112 Staff 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.113 Plans, Studies, Activities, and Reports 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.114 Dissolution 9/22/1999
Rule file 29F-1.115 Information Request 9/22/1999