Rule Chapter: 29E-2
Chapter Title: DEVELOPMENTS OF REGIONAL IMPACT (DRI) Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 29E-2.001 DRI Review Authority (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.002 Preapplication Conference (Repealed) 10/13/1983
Rule file 29E-2.003 Procedure for Filing an ADA (Repealed) 10/13/1983
Rule file 29E-2.004 DRI-ADA Form (Repealed) 10/13/1983
Rule file 29E-2.005 Request for DRI Reviews (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.006 Agreement for Services (Repealed) 10/13/1983
Rule file 29E-2.007 DRI Review Fees (Repealed) 10/13/1983
Rule file 29E-2.008 Number of Copies of the ADA (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.009 Site Inspection (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.010 Sufficiency Review (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.011 Full Review (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.012 Appeal of a Development Order (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.013 Binding Agreement on ADA Questions (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.014 Substantial Deviation Determinations (Repealed) 6/10/1981
Rule file 29E-2.015 Monitoring Approved DRIs (Repealed) 6/10/1981