Rule Chapter: 23-21
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 23-21.001 General (Repealed) 12/24/2015
Rule file 23-21.002 Definitions 9/10/2018
Rule file 23-21.004 Commission Meetings and Victim Input 2/12/2013
Rule file 23-21.0051 Full Commission Reviews 7/16/2017
Rule file 23-21.0052 Panel Reviews 7/16/2017
Rule file 23-21.006 Initial Interview Procedure 3/31/2010
Rule file 23-21.007 Salient Factor Scoring 7/16/2017
Rule file 23-21.008 Severity of Offense Behavior 8/17/2006
Rule file 23-21.009 Matrix Time Ranges 7/30/2014
Rule file 23-21.010 Decisions Outside the Matrix Time Range 7/16/2017
Rule file 23-21.011 Calculating Time in Custody 7/16/2017
Rule file 23-21.012 Inmate Initiated Review of Presumptive Parole Release Date 8/17/2006
Rule file 23-21.013 Subsequent Interview Procedure 2/3/2014
Rule file 23-21.014 Special Interviews 2/12/2013
Rule file 23-21.015 Effective Parole Release Date Interview Procedure 9/10/2018
Rule file 23-21.0155 Extraordinary Review Procedures 7/16/2017
Rule file 23-21.0161 Extraordinary Interview Procedure 8/17/2006
Rule file 23-21.0165 Conditions of Parole 7/16/2017
Rule file 23-21.017 Review of Term and Conditions of Parole 2/12/2013
Rule file 23-21.018 Disposition of Special Types of Cases Under the Guidelines 8/17/2006
Rule file 23-21.019 Parole Postponement and Rescission 2/12/2013
Rule file 23-21.020 Early Termination of Parole 8/17/2006
Rule file 23-21.021 Warrant and Arrest 2/12/2013
Rule file 23-21.022 Revocation of Parole; Preliminary Hearings; Final Hearings 7/16/2017