Rule Chapter: 20-9
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 20-9.001 Fresh Form 11/28/2012
Rule file 20-9.002 Processed Form 8/1/2018
Rule file 20-9.003 Fruit Shipped Out-of-State to Government Agencies, or to a Packinghouse or Processing Plant, or to a Fresh Fruit Juice Distributor 11/28/2012
Rule file 20-9.004 Fruit Handled by Express and Gift Package Shippers 11/28/2012
Rule file 20-9.005 Requirements to Guarantee Payment of Assessment 11/28/2012
Rule file 20-9.006 Late Filing of Returns and Inadequacy of Bond 11/28/2012
Rule file 20-9.007 Mixing of Oranges 1/24/2019
Rule file 20-9.008 Utilization of Certificate of Deposit or Letter of Credit in Lieu of Bond 11/26/2020
Rule file 20-9.009 Trade Secret Exemption 11/26/2020