Rule Chapter: 18-20
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 18-20.001 Intent 9/29/1997
Rule file 18-20.002 Boundaries and Scope of the Preserves 3/25/2019
Rule file 18-20.003 Definitions 3/25/2019
Rule file 18-20.004 Management Policies, Standards and Criteria 3/25/2019
Rule file 18-20.006 Cumulative Impacts 9/29/1997
Rule file 18-20.008 Inclusion of Lands, Title to Which Is Not Vested in the Board, in a Preserve (Repealed) 3/8/2012
Rule file 18-20.009 Establishment or Expansion of Aquatic Preserves (Repealed) 3/8/2012
Rule file 18-20.010 Exchange of Lands 2/25/1981
Rule file 18-20.012 Protection of Indigenous Life Forms 2/25/1981
Rule file 18-20.013 Development of Resource Inventories and Management Plans for Preserves 3/25/2019
Rule file 18-20.017 Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve 3/25/2019
Rule file 18-20.019 Boca Ciega Bay and Pinellas County Aquatic Preserves 3/25/2019