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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 15C-1.001 Watering Designed Equipment 6/22/1976
Rule file 15C-1.002 Goat Tags, Requirement for (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15C-1.003 Temporary Tags; Definitions and Use 3/4/1996
Rule file 15C-1.004 Temporary Tags; Distribution and Issuance; Maintenance of Records 3/4/1996
Rule file 15C-1.006 Transporting New Trailers; Licenses 6/22/1976
Rule file 15C-1.007 Motor Vehicle Dealers; Residence 6/22/1976
Rule file 15C-1.009 Automobiles for Private Use; Definitions (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15C-1.0101 Definitions 3/31/1999
Rule file 15C-1.0102 Installation Standards for Mobile/Manufactured Homes and Park Trailers 3/31/1999
Rule file 15C-1.0103 Foundations and Piers 3/31/1999
Rule file 15C-1.01031 Installation Standards for HUD Manufactured Homes and Park Trailers in Exposure "D" Areas 3/31/1999
Rule file 15C-1.0104 Installation Standards for Anchors and Tie-downs 3/31/1999
Rule file 15C-1.0105 Testing Specifications for Straps, Piers, Anchors and All Components 10/2/1995
Rule file 15C-1.0106 Pier Specifications 10/2/1995
Rule file 15C-1.0107 Strap Test Specifications 3/31/1999
Rule file 15C-1.0108 Anchor and Anchor Component Test Specifications 3/31/1999
Rule file 15C-1.0109 Manufacturer Quality Assurance Program and Monitoring 10/2/1995
Rule file 15C-1.0110 Rule Review (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15C-1.013 Translation of Foreign Documents 8/11/1986
Rule file 15C-1.014 Requirements. 1/18/1996