Rule Chapter: 15B-1
Chapter Title: MOTOR VEHICLE EQUIPMENT APPROVAL Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 15B-1.001 Safety Glazing Material; Specifications (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15B-1.002 Truck, Bus Flares, Fuses, Electric Lanterns, Flags, and Portable Reflex Reflectors 11/20/1975
Rule file 15B-1.003 Headlamps, Auxiliary or Fog Lamp, Rear Lamp, Signal Lamp and Reflector; Specifications 11/20/1975
Rule file 15B-1.004 Lighting Devices; Specifications 11/20/1975
Rule file 15B-1.005 Slow-moving Vehicle Emblem; Specifications 11/20/1975
Rule file 15B-1.006 Motorcycle Safety Helmets (Repealed) 8/5/2012
Rule file 15B-1.007 Motorcycle Eye Protective Device 11/3/1986