Rule Chapter: 12E-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12E-1.001 General (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.002 Services Provided (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.003 Conditions of Eligibility (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.004 Application for Services, Application Forms and Fee (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.005 Collection and Distribution of Payments (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.0051 Undistributable Collections 10/24/2011
Rule file 12E-1.0052 Unidentifiable Payments 4/5/2016
Rule file 12E-1.006 Request for Reconsideration 8/19/1996
Rule file 12E-1.008 Determination of Cooperation; Determination of Noncooperation; Determination of Good Cause 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.009 Enforcement of Income Deduction in IV-D Cases Where No Income Deduction Order Currently Exists (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.011 Lottery Intercept 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.012 Consumer Reporting Agencies 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.013 Release of Information (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.014 Federal Offset Program; Passport Denial; Secretary of the Treasury Full Collection Services 9/17/2018
Rule file 12E-1.015 Reciprocity Requests 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.016 Child Support Guidelines (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.017 Expedited Process (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.018 Liens 7/20/1994
Rule file 12E-1.019 Judgments by Operation of Law (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.020 Genetic Testing (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.021 Case Closure 7/20/1994
Rule file 12E-1.022 Overpayment Recovery 7/8/2003
Rule file 12E-1.023 Suspension of Driver License; Suspension of Motor Vehicle Registration 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.024 Business or Professional License or Certification Suspension or Application Denial (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.025 Procurement of Legal Services (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.026 Central Depository Electronic Transmission of Information (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12E-1.027 Written Agreements for Payment of Past-Due Support 3/6/2002
Rule file 12E-1.028 Garnishment by Levy 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.029 Financial Institution Data Matches 3/25/2020
Rule file 12E-1.030 Administrative Establishment of Child Support Obligations 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.031 Noncovered Medical Expenses 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.032 Electronic Remittance of Support Payments 9/18/2008
Rule file 12E-1.036 Administrative Establishment of Paternity and Support Obligations 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.037 Notification to Withhold Support from Reemployment Assistance 9/19/2017
Rule file 12E-1.039 Request for Services 11/12/2020
Rule file 12E-1.040 Intergovernmental Forms 9/19/2017