Rule Chapter: 12D-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12D-7.001 Applications for Exemptions 1/17/2018
Rule file 12D-7.002 Exemption of Household Goods and Personal Effects 12/31/1998
Rule file 12D-7.003 Exemption of Property of Widows, Widowers, Blind Persons, and Persons Totally and Permanently Disabled; Disabled Ex-Service Members, Spouses 9/17/2018
Rule file 12D-7.004 Exemption for Certain Permanently and Totally Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses of Certain Veterans 6/13/2022
Rule file 12D-7.005 Exemption for Disabled Veterans Confined to Wheelchairs 6/13/2022
Rule file 12D-7.0055 Exemption for Deployed Servicemembers 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-7.006 Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled Persons 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-7.007 Homestead Exemptions - Residence Requirement 11/10/1977
Rule file 12D-7.008 Homestead Exemptions - Legal or Equitable Title 12/27/1994
Rule file 12D-7.009 Homestead Exemptions - Life Estates 10/12/1976
Rule file 12D-7.010 Homestead Exemptions - Remainders 10/12/1976
Rule file 12D-7.011 Homestead Exemptions - Trusts 2/25/1996
Rule file 12D-7.012 Homestead Exemptions - Joint Ownership 12/25/1996
Rule file 12D-7.013 Homestead Exemptions - Abandonment 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-7.0135 Homestead Exemptions - Mobile Homes 5/13/1992
Rule file 12D-7.014 Homestead Exemptions - Civil Rights 10/12/1976
Rule file 12D-7.0142 Additional Homestead Exemption 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-7.0143 Additional Homestead Exemptions for Persons 65 and Older with Limited Household Income 6/13/2022
Rule file 12D-7.015 Educational Exemption 12/3/2001
Rule file 12D-7.0155 Enterprise Zone Exemption for Child Care Facilities 12/30/1999
Rule file 12D-7.016 Governmental Exemptions 12/27/1994
Rule file 12D-7.018 Fraternal and Benevolent Organizations 12/30/1999
Rule file 12D-7.019 Tangible Personal Property Exemption 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-7.020 Exemption for Real Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation 9/19/2017