Rule Chapter: 12D-17
Chapter Title: TRUTH IN MILLAGE ("TRIM") COMPLIANCE Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12D-17.001 Scope 10/30/1991
Rule file 12D-17.002 Definitions 6/13/2022
Rule file 12D-17.003 Truth in Millage ("TRIM") Compliance 6/13/2022
Rule file 12D-17.0035 Instructions and Calculations 6/20/1991
Rule file 12D-17.004 Taxing Authority's Certification of Compliance; Notification by Department 6/13/2022
Rule file 12D-17.005 Taxing Authorities in Violation of Section 200.065, Florida Statutes 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-17.006 Notification of Noncompliance; Withholding and Escrow of State Revenue Sharing Funds 6/13/2022
Rule file 12D-17.007 Taxing Authorities Failing to Timely File Certification; Forfeiture of State Revenue Sharing Funds 6/20/1991
Rule file 12D-17.008 Computation of Time 6/20/1991
Rule file 12D-17.009 Tax Roll Approval; Extended Time Frames; Method of Adjustment of Millage 10/30/1991
Rule file 12D-17.010 Certification of Compliance and Application 6/20/1991