Rule Chapter: 12D-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12D-1.002 Definitions 2/25/1996
Rule file 12D-1.003 Situs of Personal Property for Assessment Purposes 12/31/1998
Rule file 12D-1.004 Returns, Applications and Other Information (not Including Applications for Exemptions) Required to Be Filed with the Property Appraiser 9/19/2017
Rule file 12D-1.005 Access to Financial Records 12/28/1995
Rule file 12D-1.006 Exchange of Information Among Appraisers, Tax Collectors, Department, Auditor General, and Other States 12/27/1994
Rule file 12D-1.007 Legal Proceedings Involving Appraisers 10/12/1976
Rule file 12D-1.008 Application of Section 195.062, Florida Statutes 10/12/1976
Rule file 12D-1.009 Mapping Requirements 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-1.010 Reconciliation of Interim Tax Rolls - Form of Notification 11/1/2012
Rule file 12D-1.011 Notification to Property Appraiser of Land Development Restriction 12/27/1994