Rule Chapter: 12B-7
Chapter Title: SEVERANCE TAXES, FEES, AND SURCHARGES Add to MyFLRules Favorites
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12B-7.003 Definitions (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12B-7.004 Rate of Tax; Oil, Gas and Sulfur 5/9/2013
Rule file 12B-7.005 Computation of Tax 12/18/1994
Rule file 12B-7.006 Exemptions and Credits 1/12/2011
Rule file 12B-7.008 Public Use Forms 1/1/2023
Rule file 12B-7.022 Definitions (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12B-7.0225 Computation of Phosphate Rock Tax Rate (Repealed) 12/18/2007
Rule file 12B-7.026 Public Use Forms 1/1/2023
Rule file 12B-7.030 Miami-Dade County Lake Belt Mitigation Fee 7/19/2018
Rule file 12B-7.031 Public Use Forms 1/1/2023