Rule Chapter: 12B-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12B-4.001 Payment of Tax 3/25/2020
Rule file 12B-4.002 Liability for Tax 12/30/1997
Rule file 12B-4.003 Public Use Forms 1/1/2023
Rule file 12B-4.004 Refunds 5/4/2003
Rule file 12B-4.005 Penalties and Interest 4/2/2000
Rule file 12B-4.006 Excise Tax on Documents; Construction 12/30/1997
Rule file 12B-4.007 Recordation of Documents 4/14/2009
Rule file 12B-4.011 Imposition of Tax 12/30/1997
Rule file 12B-4.012 Rate, Consideration 12/30/1997
Rule file 12B-4.013 Conveyances Subject to Tax 12/12/2019
Rule file 12B-4.014 Conveyances Not Subject to Tax 7/30/2013
Rule file 12B-4.041 Imposition of Tax 12/30/1997
Rule file 12B-4.042 Issues Subject to Tax 12/30/1997
Rule file 12B-4.043 Issues Not Subject to Tax 12/30/1997
Rule file 12B-4.051 Imposition of Tax 5/4/2003
Rule file 12B-4.052 Computation of Tax; Definitions 5/23/2022
Rule file 12B-4.053 Taxable Documents 5/4/2003
Rule file 12B-4.054 Exempt Transactions 7/30/2013
Rule file 12B-4.060 Tax on Transfers of Ownership Interest in Legal Entities 4/25/2012