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Reference Name: DS-DE 134 SOE Handbook on Certifying Candidate Petitions
Agency: 1 Department of State
1S Division of Elections

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10/31/2013 SOE Handbook on Certifying Candidate Petitions
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Description: SOE Handbook on Certifying Candidate Petitions
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Clarifies what will and will not invalidate a petition and that a petition cannot be revoked after it has been submitted to the supervisor of elections. Updates process for supervisors to submit numbers to the Division. .... 16015687 5/21/2015
Vol. 41/99
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Candidate Petition Process 13943185 Effective:
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To provide for electronic certifications of candidate petitions by supervisors of elections to the Division of Elections. Makes technical changes to incorporated petition form and other updates. 13532778 11/1/2013
Vol. 39/214