Notice: 6134782
Notice of Proposed Rule
Division: Finance



69V-560.101   Scope (Repealed)
69V-560.1012   Adoption of Forms
69V-560.1013   Electronic Filing of Forms and Fees
69V-560.102   Application or Appointment Procedures and Requirements
69V-560.103   Definitions
69V-560.104   Application Fees
69V-560.105   Regulatory Standards for Evaluating Applications (Repealed)
69V-560.107   Application for Branch Office and Appointment of Authorized Vendors
69V-560.108   Declaration of Intent to Engage in Deferred Presentment Transactions
69V-560.201   Amendments, Change of Name, Change of Entity and Change in Control or Ownership
69V-560.302   Renewal Fees, Deadlines, and Requirements
69V-560.401   Scope (Repealed)
69V-560.402   Bond
69V-560.403   Net Worth (Repealed)
69V-560.501   Scope (Repealed)
69V-560.504   Reimbursement Rates for Examinations Conducted by the Office
69V-560.505   Reimbursement Rates for Examinations Conducted by a Third Party
69V-560.601   Definitions (Repealed)
69V-560.602   Quarterly Reports
69V-560.606   Annual Filing of Financial Audit Reports by Part II Licensees
69V-560.608   Currency Transaction Report Filings
69V-560.609   Suspicious Activity Report Filings
69V-560.610   Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments
69V-560.701   General (Repealed)
69V-560.702   Payment Instrument Sellers
69V-560.703   Money Transmitters
69V-560.704   Records to Be Maintained by Check Cashers
69V-560.705   Foreign Currency Exchangers
69V-560.706   Records to be Maintained by Authorized Vendors
69V-560.707   Records to be Maintained by Deferred Presentment Providers
69V-560.801   Verification Fee
69V-560.802   Minimum Disclosure
69V-560.804   Payment Method
69V-560.805   Gross Income Test
69V-560.901   Scope (Repealed)
69V-560.902   Definitions
69V-560.903   Deferred Presentment Transactions
69V-560.904   Deferred Presentment Transaction Agreement Disclosures and Requirements
69V-560.905   Deferred Presentment Transaction Fees
69V-560.906   Consumer Credit Counseling Services
69V-560.907   Deferred Presentment Database Access
69V-560.908   Deferred Presentment Database Transaction Requirements
69V-560.909   Deferred Presentment Database Availability
69V-560.910   Deferred Presentment Database Transaction Fees
69V-560.911   Deferred Presentment Database Dispute Resolution for Customers
69V-560.912   Deferred Presentment Database Confidentiality
69V-560.913   Termination of Deferred Presentment Activity and Transaction Maintenance
RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: 215.405, 560.105, 560.1091, 560.1092, 560.110, 560.1141, 560.118, 560.123, 560.126, 560.128, 560.141, 560.142, 560.2085, 560.209, 560.210, 560.211, 560.213, 560.309, 560.310, 560.403, 560.404 FS.
LAW: 215.405, 560.103, 560.105, 560.109, 560.1091, 560.1092, 560.110, 560.111, 560.114, 560.1141, 560.118, 560.123, 560.1235, 560.126, 560.127, 560.128, 560.129, 560.140, 560.141, 560.142, 560.204, 560.205, 560.208, 560.2085, 560.209, 560.210, 560.211, 560.213, 560.303, 560.304, 560.309, 560.310, 560.402, 560.403, 560.404, 943.053 FS.
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 9/26/2008   Vol. 34/39
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