Notice: 23069527
Notice of Meeting/Workshop Hearing
Chapter: State 404 Program



62-331.010   Intent, Purpose, and Implementation
62-331.020   Regulated Activities
62-331.030   Definitions
62-331.040   Procedures for Review and Agency Action on Exemption Requests
62-331.050   Individual Permits
62-331.051   Application for an Individual Permit
62-331.052   Processing of Individual Permit Applications
62-331.053   Additional Conditions for Issuance of Individual Permits
62-331.054   General Conditions for Individual Permits
62-331.060   Public Notice
62-331.070   Water Quality and Coastal Zone Consistency Review
62-331.080   Modification, Suspension, or Revocation of Permits
62-331.090   Duration of Permits
62-331.100   Transfer of Permit Upon Change in Ownership or Control
62-331.110   Emergency Field Authorizations
62-331.120   Fees
62-331.130   Compensatory Mitigation
62-331.140   Mitigation Banks and In-Lieu Fee Programs
62-331.160   Use of Formal Determinations
62-331.200   Policy and Purpose of General Permits
62-331.201   Conditions for General Permits
62-331.210   General Permit for Maintenance or Removal
62-331.211   General Permit for Fish and Wildlife Harvesting, Enhancement, and Attraction Devices
62-331.212   General Permit for Scientific Measurement Devices
62-331.213   General Permit for Survey Activities
62-331.214   General Permit for Outfall and Intake Structures
62-331.215   General Permit for Utility Line Activities
62-331.216   General Permit for Bank Stabilization
62-331.217   General Permit for Linear Transportation Projects
62-331.218   General Permit for Return Water from Upland Contained Disposal Areas
62-331.219   General Permit for Hydropower Projects
62-331.220   General Permit for Minor Activities
62-331.221   General Permit for Response Operations for Oil or Hazardous Substances
62-331.222   General Permit for Removal of Vessels
62-331.223   General Permit for Approved Categorical Exclusions
62-331.224   General Permit for Structural Activities
62-331.225   General Permit for Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Enhancement, and Creation Activities
62-331.226   General Permit for Specific Reversion Activities
62-331.227   General Permit for Residential Developments
62-331.228   General Permit for Moist Soil Management for Wildlife
62-331.229   General Permit for Maintenance of Existing Flood Control Facilities
62-331.230   General Permit for Completed Federal Enforcement Actions
62-331.231   General Permit for Temporary Construction, Access, and Dewatering
62-331.233   General Permit for Boat Ramps
62-331.234   General Permit for Emergency Watershed Protection and Rehabilitation
62-331.235   General Permit for Cleanup of Hazardous and Toxic Waste
62-331.236   General Permit for Commercial and Institutional Developments
62-331.237   General Permit for Agricultural Activities
62-331.238   General Permit for Reshaping Existing Drainage Ditches
62-331.239   General Permit for Recreational Facilities
62-331.240   General Permit for Stormwater Management Facilities
62-331.241   General Permit for Mining Activities
62-331.242   General Permit for Repair of Uplands Damaged by Discreet Events
62-331.243   General Permit for Activities in Ditches
62-331.244   General Permit for Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture Activities
62-331.245   General Permit for Land-Based Renewable Energy Generation Facilities
62-331.246   General Permit for Water-Based Renewable Energy Generation Pilot Projects
62-331.247   General Permit for Removal of Low-Head Dams
62-331.248   General Permit for Florida Department of Transportation and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

  The Department of Environmental Protection announces a hearing to which all persons are invited.
  A copy of the agenda may be obtained by contacting: Heather Mason, 2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Mail Station 2500, Florida 32399, (850)245-8480,
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 3/23/2020   Vol. 46/57