Notice: 18802788
Notice of Proposed Rule
Division: Division of Consumer Services



5J-17.002   Attendance at Board Meetings
5J-17.003   Applications for Licensure: Approved Schools and Colleges
5J-17.010   Grounds for Discipline
5J-17.011   Disciplinary Guidelines
5J-17.012   Payment of Fine
5J-17.015   Statement Regarding Lack of Insurance
5J-17.016   Time for Compliance With Final Order; Probation
5J-17.020   Applications for Licensure: Experience
5J-17.021   Applications for Licensure: Education
5J-17.022   Applications for Surveyor and Mapper Intern/Surveyor in Training
5J-17.025   Domestic Equivalency Education Program Criteria for Applicants Who Graduated from Non-ABET Accredited Surveying and Mapping Degree Programs (Repealed)
5J-17.026   Foreign Degree Evaluation
5J-17.027   Documentation of Substantially Equivalent Licensing Examination (Repealed)
5J-17.028   Application for Retired Status
5J-17.029   Application Deadlines
5J-17.031   Written Examination Designated; General Requirements
5J-17.032   Content of Examination
5J-17.034   Grading
5J-17.037   Re-examination
5J-17.039   Licensure, Inactive Status, Delinquent Status, Reactivation
5J-17.040   Continuing Education Requirements for Reactivation of Inactive License
5J-17.041   Continuing Education Credit for Biennial Renewal
5J-17.042   Proof of Continuing Education Credit Earned
5J-17.043   Board Approval of Continuing Education Providers
5J-17.044   Obligations of Continuing Education Providers
5J-17.050   Definitions
5J-17.051   Standards of Practice - General Survey, MAP, and Report Content Requirements
5J-17.052   Standards of Practice - Boundary Survey Requirements
5J-17.053   Standards of Practice - Professional Matters in Surveying and Mapping
5J-17.061   Seal and Signature (Repealed)
5J-17.062   Procedures for Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Surveys or Other Documents
5J-17.063   Certificates of Authorization
5J-17.070   Fees
5J-17.080   Citations
5J-17.081   Notices of Noncompliance
5J-17.083   Probation
5J-17.084   Surrender of Seal and Cancellation of Digital Signature
5J-17.085   Survey Review
5J-17.086   Appointment to the Board
5J-17.200   Definitions
5J-17.400   Special Assessment Fee (Repealed)
RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: 472.006, (6), 472.008, 472.011, 472.013, 472.013(2)(a), (4), 472.0131, 472.015, 472.018, 472.019, 472.021, 472.025, 472.027, 472.033, 472.0345, 472.0351, 472.0351(4)(b), 472.036 FS.
LAW: 455.225(3), 472.005, 472.005(13), 472.006, 472.007(2), 472.008, 472.011, 472.103, (2)(a), (4), 472.0131, 472.015, 472.018, 472.019, (2), 472.02, 472.0202, (4), 472.021, 472.023, 472.025, 472.027, 472.033, (3), 472.0345, 472.0351 (1)(f), (g), (h), (2), (2)(c), (4)(b), 472.036, 472.0365 472.065 FS.
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 4/3/2017   Vol. 43/64
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REFERENCE MATERIALS: Ref-01344 Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers Application for Licensure as Surveyor in Training, DACS-10055 Rev. 02/12