Notice: 12940690
Notice of Proposed Rule



67-21.001   Purpose and Intent
67-21.002   Definitions
67-21.0025   Miscellaneous Criteria
67-21.003   Application and Selection Process for Developments
67-21.0035   Applicant Administrative Appeal Procedures (Repealed)
67-21.004   Federal Set-Aside Requirements for MMRB Loans
67-21.0045   Determination of Method of Bond Sale
67-21.006   MMRB Development Requirements
67-21.007   MMRB Fees
67-21.008   Terms and Conditions of MMRB Loans
67-21.009   Interest Rate on Mortgage Loans
67-21.010   Issuance of Revenue Bonds
67-21.013   Non-Credit Enhanced Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bonds
67-21.014   MMRB Credit Underwriting Procedures
67-21.015   Use of Bonds with Other Affordable Housing Finance Programs
67-21.017   Transfer of Ownership of a MMRB Development
67-21.018   Refundings and Troubled Development Review
67-21.019   Issuance of Bonds for Section 501(c)(3) Entities
67-21.025   HC Fees
67-21.026   HC Credit Underwriting Procedures
67-21.027   HC General Program Procedures and Requirements
67-21.028   HC with Tax-Exempt Bond-Financed Developments
67-21.029   HC Extended Use Agreement
67-21.030   Sale or Transfer of a Housing Credit Development
67-21.031   Qualified Contracts
RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: 420.507, 420.508, FS.
LAW: 420.507, 420.508, 420.509, 420.5099 FS.
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 4/30/2013   Vol. 39/84
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