FAR Issue Vol. 34/No. 18 Section VII    
Issue Date: May 2, 2008
Total number of notices in Section VII:    5

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Agency 61G19
Pete Quintela on behalf of Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office
  Specifically, the Petitioner requests that the Board issue a Declaratory Statement as to the description as a “certified mechanical ....
5553364 5/2/2008
Vol. 34/18
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Agency 61G4
James Martin
  The Construction Industry Licensing Board hereby gives notice that it has issued an Order on the Petition for Declaratory Statement, ....
5568205 5/2/2008
Vol. 34/18
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Agency 64B16
Russell P. McKelvey, Pharm.D, on behalf of The Drug Information & Pharmacy Resource ....
  The petition seeks the Board’s interpretation of Section 893.04(2)(e), Florida Statutes, and whether the intent of the statute is ....
5547350 5/2/2008
Vol. 34/18
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Agency 64B8
5550939 5/2/2008
Vol. 34/18
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Agency 69O
Charles K. Bortell, Jr., an insurance agent.
  The petitioner wants a determination as to whether a properly licensed "health insurance agent" is authorized to originate and submit ....
5548417 5/2/2008
Vol. 34/18