FAR Issue Vol. 49/No. 142 Section VII  
Issue Date: July 24, 2023
Total number of notices in Section VII:    2

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Agency 64B2
Kimberly A. Driggers, Esq., on behalf of The Florida Chiropractic Association, Inc., ....
  Petitioner seeks the determination from the Board regarding whether competent Florida chiropractic physicians can perform dry needling ....
27363814 7/24/2023
Vol. 49/142
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Agency 69
Jeffrey Z. Hansel Sr., on July 21, 2023
  The Petition asks: Should the property 05-45-26-03-00036.0270, 500 Block of Meadow Road in Lehigh Acres, Florida, which has no municipal ....
27364784 7/24/2023
Vol. 49/142