FAR Issue Vol. 47/No. 121 Section II  
Issue Date: June 23, 2021
Total number of notices in Section II:    3

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The proposed amendment to Rule 12D-9.025 is necessary to reflect subsection 194.035(1), F.S., as amended by Section 4, Chapter 2020-10, L.O.F. 24676914 6/23/2021
Vol. 47/121
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The proposed rulemaking seeks to amend Rule 61-6.010, F.A.C., in order to revise rule language to add an additional method of noticing licensee’s selected for random audits of license renewal requirements. 24651985 6/23/2021
Vol. 47/121
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This rule chapter is for a discontinued downpayment loan program and is being repealed. 24676623 6/23/2021
Vol. 47/121